Monday, February 16, 2009

Why did the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH). Timothy Cox, sell the recently purchased beachfront property with houses on it to the Warrs in 2003? As a former resident of AFRH-Gulfport I know that many of residents thought he sold the property to insure an immediate increase in the Trust fund of AFRH to increase his compensation. We understood but could never verify that his contract with AFRH included an annual bonus for increasing the Trust Fund in each year. Selling the beachfront property and the houses not only increased the Trust Fund by the amount of the sale but  it also relieved him of the cost presently and prospectively of restoring and maintaining the houses.
I suggest Congressman Taylor pursue this line in his investigation of the sale of the property. If Timothy Cox sold the property in question to increase his annual bonus then I believe that it would be a violation of his responsibility to administer AFRH to the long term benefit of its present and future residents. I believe it would justify his immediate removal as COO of AFRH.
William E. McArthur SMSgt USAF Retired
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