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Fire On The Mountain

Selected Photos of Oregon, USA 

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WILDSPIRIT: Shimmering Virga Curtains Dance On The Mountain

WILDSPIRIT: Shimmering Virga Curtains Dance On The Mountain

WILDSPIRIT: King Charles Spaniel

WILDSPIRIT: King Charles Spaniel

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Why did the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH). Timothy Cox, sell the recently purchased beachfront property with houses on it to the Warrs in 2003? As a former resident of AFRH-Gulfport I know that many of residents thought he sold the property to insure an immediate increase in the Trust fund of AFRH to increase his compensation. We understood but could never verify that his contract with AFRH included an annual bonus for increasing the Trust Fund in each year. Selling the beachfront property and the houses not only increased the Trust Fund by the amount of the sale but  it also relieved him of the cost presently and prospectively of restoring and maintaining the houses.
I suggest Congressman Taylor pursue this line in his investigation of the sale of the property. If Timothy Cox sold the property in question to increase his annual bonus then I believe that it would be a violation of his responsibility to administer AFRH to the long term benefit of its present and future residents. I believe it would justify his immediate removal as COO of AFRH.
William E. McArthur SMSgt USAF Retired
4000 E Fletcher Ave Apt K110
Tampa Fl 33613
PH # 813 977 3706

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For all residents: You should back an effort to place the Yellow Ribbon that is symbolic of the return of military residents and leadership in a prominent display at the entrance to the AFRH Gulfport, along with a huge portrait of LtCol Wendy VanDyke as a shrine to remind all of her loyal dedication to the resident despite those who who helped railroad her from being Director. She symbolizes the military's role in the leadership of the Home, and without it, the AFRH is doomed to be a clone of the Sunrise model created by Cox. So build the shrine if you want to keep military leadership in your Home of Heroes. Honor the one Hero who has honored each and every one of us with her vision, leadership, and courage. LtCol Wendy VanDyke. Utilize the Resident Fund to do it--it's your fund, it's your home! Remember the ones who fought for you!


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The saga of the AFRH

With the revelation that Brent Warr's purchase of AFRH land is being looked at by Congressman Gene Taylor's office, and that the possibility exists that the AFRH COO sold it at a 'bargain basement' price to the Mayor in 2003 without a public listing for the property, a door opens for a probable Congressional Investigation into all of Cox's land deals as COO of AFRH. Indeed, the COO has expressed to a member of his former staff that Senator Lott 'can make me buy the property, but he can't make me keep it,' regarding the $6.2 million purchase of ten acres for the Home and the parcel sold to Warr. The management of two Homes--in D.C. and in Gulfport--was indeed posing difficulties for Mr. Cox. His selling of the properties (which were bought to augment the Home's facilities for it's residents and visitors) dealt a blow to the AFRH residents, depriving them of the augmentation and more seriously robbing the AFRH fund of the maximum amount of money gained had the sale been a public one. The value of the beachfront properties of almost 4 acres with two mansions on it--with littoral rights--was far and above the actual sale price ($1million). I just don't buy Warr's statement that he was just 'driving by and saw the FOR SALE sign,' because no one I know--including myself--ever saw it or even heard about it's being for sale. It was a secret deal. That Cox had a vested interest in getting rid of the entire AFRH Gulfport land, I believe that was his ultimate goal---especially after Hurricane Katrina. But that remains to be seen, as Cox is as secretive and devious as he is cunning and sly. When all is uncovered, however, I feel that there will be vindication for the way his poor version of 'leadership' will be viewed and recorded. I hope it will be from Federal Prison, since he will most likely end up in the same train wreck as Warr; neither of them were in the caboose or in passenger cars, they were the engineers. Jim Pankey, USN (Ret.)


Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Noose Is Waiting For A Neck, or Necks...

There are times in our lives when we want to believe that the best quality of people in leadership positions are geared toward doing what is best for the people even if it means sacrificing individual gains. That's what the military is all about. Sacrifice. It's too bad that some people in these positions have no idea what military tradition, honor, dignity, and honesty is all about, much less leadership. We have such a man in the position of COO (who has never served in the military); indeed, we have people in positions higher than he along the same chain of command who just have no clue that they have an obligation to their charges. I refer to Charles Abell, once Tim Cox's boss, and his present boss, Leslye Arsht, and higher still to Mr. David Chu, and even higher, to then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Regarding DOD IG H05L95546042 dated 26Sep05 and what happened to LtCol Wendy VanDyke at their hands is shameful enough; that Ms. Arsht would write in answer to my inquiry (through Senator Barbara Boxer, D-CA) as to why Cox was not punished and LtCol VanDyke endured virtual isolation from her charges for over two months, 'she got what she wanted.' No, Ms. Arsht, she did not. She wanted justice. She certainly didn't get it, thanks to your predecessor, Mr. Abell, who was tasked with tking 'appropriate action' against Mr. Cox. A slap on the wrist is not appropriate, I'm sorry. Mr. Cox and Mr. Abell deserve more than that, now. Maybe there is a statute of limitations, but in this case it should be extended; the lasting effects upon the innocent don't have limitations. Mrs. VanDyke will have the memory of torture for the rest of her life, while the perpetrators of the crime have already written it off. Maybe, MS. Arsht, we'll get what we want now: a Congressional Investigation for Mr. Cox and Charles Abell, David S. Chu and Donald Rumsfeld. I'm sure that there is enough evidence to put together a conspiracy charge within the words we can make out in the aforementioned document. If all the wording and pictures are made available through the FOIA (but so far I think it is a joke), it is bound to put names to faces and reveal other participation via phone and emails. So I am asking Mr. Gates to respond to Congressman Gene Taylor's letter (D-MS) and also to take a very close look at H05L95546042 in unredacted form for a good profile of the protagonists and their underhanded tactics in this story. The sordid story of 'bad leadership and failure' at the helm of the Armed Forces Retirement Home. More coming. Jim


Congressman Gene Taylor Wants Details on Warr Purchase of Home Property from AFRH

Congressman Gene Taylor Wants Details on Warr Purchase of Home Property from AFRH by Keith Burton - GCN 2/5/09 Mississippi Congressman Gene Taylor is pursuing answers to how Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr acquired the property for his home on Scenic Drive in Gulfport from the Armed Forces Retirement Home. Warr is facing a January 28, 2009 federal indictment for a Mississippi Development Authority homeowner grant that government investigators say he did not deserve. On February 3, 2009, Taylor sent a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates about the home. The property at question is located just east of the AFRH and was purchased by Warr in 2003. According to how the AFRH is structured, excess property owned by the AFRH must have the approval of the Secretary of Defense to be sold. At the time of the sale, the Secretary of Defense was Donald Rumsfeld who served under the administration of George W. Bush from 2001 to 2006. Federal law gives the Secretary of Defense authority to buy property for AFRH’s benefit and to sell property the home does not need as long as the chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services committees are notified. In his letter to Gates, Taylor says he has questions about the sale of the property to Warr following his recent receipt of two letters dated from 2003 from Principle Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Charles Abell to the chairmen of the Senate and House Armed Services Committees that notified them of the sale of the AFRH property. In Abell's letters, Taylor learned that the federal government bought 10.02 acres next to the Armed Forces Retirement Home for $5.692 million. Abell said the Warrs had offered to buy two beachfront parcels that would result in $1 million being deposited in the AFRH accounts. Warr purchased 3.81 acres that included two large homes located on the beachfront portion of the property, which initially stretched from Scenic Drive to the CSX railroad tracks. This purchase is about $262,467.19 per acre, substantially less than than what the government paid for the property at $568,063.87 per acre, nearly a 54 -percent reduction in price. Taylor writes in in letter to Gates: "Dear Mr Secretary," Taylor writes to Gates, "I write to express my concerns over the acquisition and subsequent sale of real property of the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) in Gulfport, Mississippi occuring in 2003..." Taylor then outlines his questions. "1. At the time the AFRH purchased the original 10.02 acres, what was the property's total appraised value, including acreage and all structures on the property? 2. What was the size of the smaller parcels sold to the Warrs? What, if any, portions were retained by the AFRH after the sale? 3. What was the appraised value of the property that the AFRH sold to the Warrs? 4. What was the sale price of the AFRH property that the AFRH sold to the Warrs? 5. According to the the 2003 letters, $1 million was to be deposited into the AFRH Trust Fund. "If there was a discrepancy between the sale price and the sum deposited in the AFRH Trust Fund for these properties, what became of the balance? 6. Mr. Abell's letter described the parcels that the AFRH sold to the Warrs as beachfront properties. Where are these properties located in respect to the original purchase? Are these parcels within the boundaries of the 10.02 acres in the original purchase?" In a Sun Herald story, Taylor is quoted as saying why he has sent his letter to Gates: “We ought to know why something was bought and, if something was sold, for how much,” Taylor said Tuesday. “Did it at least turn a profit for the taxpayer? That’s something I want to know off the bat.” Last year, Taylor placed restrictions on the Government's turnover of the former Gulfport Veteran's Administration Hospital property located along on the beach along U.S. 90 some 2.3 miles from the AFRH property. The restrictions were reportedly placed on VA property recently deeded to the city so that it could not be sold in the same way. “It’s very important that when we’re dealing with public resources, everything should be transparent and above board,” Taylor told the Sun Herald. Not commonly known about the VA hospital property is that Brent Warr's father served on a committee prior to Brent Warr's election that oversaw the VA's closure that was underway prior to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. GCN first reported this in a story published in 2006 titled, "The Invisible Government," which also included the information on the AFRH purchase by the Warrs. This story was published well before the Sun Herald and other media acknowledged these issues. Hurricane Katrina only accelerated the closing of the VA hospital. Over the past several years before the hurricane, the Veterans Administration had been closing hospitals and consolidating services under what has been called the Capital Asset Realignment for Enhanced Services, or CARES project. CARES was established as a system-wide process to prepare the Veterans Administration for meeting the current and future health care needs of veterans in modern health care facilities. As part of that plan, each VA property that became included in the program created a Local Advisory Panel, which was ordered to develop a transition plan, hold public meetings, and recommend a process for closure and transferring services. The outcome for the Gulfport VA was to transfer much of its activities to the Biloxi VA and expand its work there with new buildings and assistance from Keesler’s Hospital. At that time the time frame for instituting this change began in 2004 and ended in late 2009, with final activation and demobilization to be complete by mid 2010. But, with hurricane Katrina’s destruction, the time frame was moved forward. (Photo right: Gulfport VA-click on photo to enlarge) Among the local representatives of the Gulfport VA Advisory Panel back in 2004 when the CARES process got underway in Gulfport, were Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway and Gulfport businessman Gene Warr, who is the father of Gulfport’s Mayor Brent Warr. It is clear that Gene Warr has had an intimate knowledge of the closure of the VA property well before the public became aware of what was happening to the VA and before his son Brent Warr was elected mayor. Moving to the present time, it is clear that Congressman Taylor is still seeking information on this growing and complex case. So too is GCN. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Information: The Warr Home - GCN 1/30/09 Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr has a Homeowner Grant - GCN 1/04/08 New Armed Forces Retirement Complex Towers Above Tree Line - GCN Building Permit Fees of Mayor Brent Warr - GCN 1/26/08 Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr and Wife Indicted by Federal Authorities for Katrina Fraud, Plead Not Guilty - GCN 1/28/09 Federal Warr Indictment - .pdf file GCN Warr Archives


Taylor wants info on AFRH

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GULFPORT — U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor wants to know more about the sale of federal property to Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr and his father, he says in a letter written Tuesday to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

"I write to express my concerns about the acquisition and subsequent sale of real property of the Armed Forces Retirement Home at Gulfport, Miss., occurring in 2003," Taylor's letter begins.

Brent Warr and his wife, Laura, have been indicted for Katrina fraud because the government contends they lied when they claimed a house on the property was their primary residence when Katrina hit. They received a $150,000 federal homeowners grant and $9,558 in FEMA relief for the damage.


No charges have been filed over the property transactions with the Armed Forces Retirement Home in 2003. Federal law gives the secretary of defense authority to buy property for AFRH's benefit and to sell property the home does not need as long as the chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services committees are notified.

AFRH bought the property on an unspecified date in 2003, according to the Under Secretary of Defense's Office, but had decided to sell it to the Warrs by August 2003. Another document indicates AFRH bought the property in 2002.

In an August 2003 letter, Principal Deputy Charles S. Abell, in the Under Secretary's Office, said the federal government bought 10.02 acres next to the Armed Forces Retirement Home for $5.692 million. Abell said the Warrs had offered to buy two beachfront parcels.

"The resale of the two smaller beachfront properties will result in $1 million, which will be deposited in the AFRH Trust Fund," Abell wrote in the letter to the chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services committees.

Taylor, whose office has been looking into the property acquisitions since the Sun Herald published a story about them in October, enclosed the 2003 correspondence with his letter to Gates.

"We ought to know why something was bought and, if something was sold, for how much," Taylor said Tuesday. "Did it at least turn a profit for the taxpayer? That's something I want to know off the bat."

Taylor made sure restrictions were placed on Veterans Affairs property recently deeded to the city so that it could not be sold in the same way.

"It's very important that when we're dealing with public resources, everything should be transparent and aboveboard," he said.

Brent Warr and his father, Gene Warr, could not be reached to comment. Gene Warr and his wife live in the house next to their son's. Both homes are east of the site of the remaining Armed Forces Retirement Home property off U.S. 90. A new retirement home is being built there.

County land records show that Gene Warr's home sits on 1.42 acres, while Brent Warr has 2.39 acres. Realtor Sherry Owen, who handled the property transactions, told the Sun Herald in October that she called Brent Warr about the property because she knew he was looking for land.

Owen's husband, Joe Sam Owen, is Brent Warr's attorney in the Katrina fraud case made public last week.

In his letter, Taylor has asked Gates the appraised value of the 10.02 acres, plus buildings, when AFRH purchased the property; the appraised value and size of the parcels sold to the Warrs; and whether there was any discrepancy between the amount earned from the sale and the amount deposited in the AFRH trust fund.

Taylor wrote, "I would greatly appreciate it if you could furnish answers to the questions posed above and any relevant documents on which they are based, including but not limited to appraisals, deeds, financial transactions, property descriptions, sale papers, etc."

Taylor asked for a response within two weeks.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

AFRH, COX, WARR and the current state of affairs

Sunday, February 1, 2009


February 1, 2009

It seems that as time passes the conditions at AFRH worsen; there is a hostility evident from resident to resident. The Gulfport refugees from Hurricane Katrina are blamed for sucking the life out of the sytem when in fact they have contributed more than their fair share to keep it going. Cox used Gulfport funds to bolster the failing financial situation at Washington DC. Now a bigger problem may have surfaced and brought attention to the property sale by Cox to Gene Warr and his son, then mayoral candidate (now indicted Mayor Warr for fraud, public theft, 16 counts, each of which carries a maximum of ten years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine. His wife was co-indictee.) It is almost four years to the day that I left the AFRH Gulfport. I have been fighting Cox and crew ever since, mostly on my own. I am still fighting, mostly alone. Once there is justice for LtCol Wendy VanDyke and others victimized by Cox, I will retire. Please read on. Thank you, Jim Pankey, USN (Ret.)


Sunday, February 17, 2008


The Armed Forces Retirement Home Gulfport, MS, my home for 27 months (today, 17 February 2008, is the third anniversary of my voluntary departure as a resident), was not destroyed by hurricane Katrina, but by the incompetent chief operating officer, Mr. Tim Cox, who refused the facilities manager's requests for assistance to save the building after the nation's worst natural disaster. But that's not all. Hurricane Katrina is blamed for the destruction, but in fact it was doomed the day the COO took over--the real disaster that befell the military retirement home. He deliberately got rid of one of the best military officers I ever served under during my 20 year Naval career...LtCol Wendy VanDyke, USAF registered nurse, our Deputy Director. She had previously served with distinction in the administrations of presidents George Bush 41 and Clinton. She was on Clinton's staff and traveled with the president on Air Force One. She was no skylarker, she was the consummate professional; she played no favorites. Her compassion and inclusion of the resident in decisionmaking for the betterment of the Home endeared her to almost everyone...except the Cox Crew. LtCol VanDyke put residents above all and therefore was targeted by Cox/Ulmer early on for removal. The entire process was a nightmare. The way in which it transpired was cruel and inhuman, in fact the DOD IG investigation H05L95546042 dated 26Sep05 (heavily redacted 35-page report available by searching DOD IG COX and finding it in the reading room) used those very words in her treatment by Cox. We residents lost possibly the greatest asset we ever had due to Cox's 'leadership.' She was transferred (by higher authority, probably Donald Rumsfeld himself since Cox stated to the investigators that he had a 'personal reporting status' with the SecDef.) and denied promotion, forced to retire. She had high hopes of fighting the Cox machine but no one stood up to defend her, not even the Department of the Navy, nor the Department of the Air Force. She had filed two separate Article 138's UCMJ against Cox's Director of the Gulfport facility, Navy Captain Jerald A. Ulmer, but it was determined by higher authority that the directorship of the Home was not a Naval Command. Indeed, we have documentation that it is, and that the Director is authorized to wear the Naval Command Insignia and therefore her Article 138 UCMJ (both of them) were legitimate. Yet she's out, and Cox's 'punishment' has never been made public. It was nothing more than a slap on the wrist, I'm sure, since it came from the same source who helped him get rid of LtCol VanDyke, the Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Personnel and Readiness. That is documented in the Report, yet collusion is denied by Ms. Leslye Arsht, now serving as Cox's boss. Her treatment was so horrendous that it was deemed 'cruel and unusual punishment' by the DOD IG. This was during the time of the AbuGhraib scandal, but we couldn't get a word out to the news media (with the exception of the initial contact of WLOX and SunHerald by myself on January 11, 2005). She spent a total of 60 days virtually imprisoned in her on-site home with her family, forbidden to enter the Resident Tower or interact with the residents in any way while the charges of 'insubordination' were being 'investigated.' The 'investigation,' according to the DOD IG report, was nothing more than a 'foregone conclusion' reached by the Cox/Ulmer team and denied LtCol VanDyke her right to due process. They called her isolation 'administrative leave.' There is no such thing in military life. Her isolation, removal of authority, banishment from the resident tower (with the exception of retrieving her mail, and then escorted by Security), caused her undue pain, humiliation, and embarrassment and deprived the residents of the only true leader/administrator in the Agency! She was denied due process, not given the opportunity to face her accuser, and it was not by accident, it was by design. Her replacement was aboard (Mr. Ken Brown, RN) and his position was subordinate to hers, yet he was given kid glove treatment (slated for promotion to Director) while she endured the agony. She was not the only casualty--we lost our staff doctors, dedicated nurses, and other staff, benefits, and services. Other replacements for personnel slated to be embarrassed and cut were also aboard. Other cuts even forced the Chaplain out. We lost it all, and it was not Katrina's fault. It is now exactly three years since I left the Home but I am still fighting for justice for LtCol Vandyke, USAF (Ret.) and to rid the Home of Cox and company. Now a good chance has surfaced, with the Warr Home and federal inquiry via a Grand Jury. If they dig deeply enough, they should uncover some irregularities that could cost Cox his job (amen to that). Questions about the Homes bought by the Warrs (Brent and his dad) from a deal with Cox, and the subsequent government grant awarded to Brent Warr, are bound to surface. Why did Cox sell the mansions and the AFRH land for so little--well below the fair market value for a beachfront property? Why were the boundaries changed--why does the deed not have a 'back boundary'? A political 'rush' deal would have meant the loss of revenue for the AFRH Trust Fund, to the tune of at least $1 million. That means a loss to the veterans and military retirees who have served their country honorably. I am sure that Cox wanted to get rid of the property altogether, and that his haste and desire to do so caused a loss to the AFRH Trust Fund. By the way, there are no financial audit records for the years 2003/2004, according to Cox. I wonder why? . It is reported (unconfirmed) that the AFRH bought the land for up to $6.4 million and sold it for $1 million. Only Brent Warr's property has the Department of Agriculture listed...why not his dad's too? What connection does the Department of Agriculture have with property owned by the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport, MS? The former Naval Home. If you have any interest in the Home remaining one connected with the military and a return to the philosophy of the military services helping its own, please stay in touch with the following local news: and We don't need the likes of Tim Cox; we need a military presence to restore and preserve the military history and tradition within our Home. Tim Cox never served a day in the military, and his idea of leadership showed the very first time I heard him speak to about 150 of us, in late 2002 in our auditorium assembly, where he berated a wheelchairbound resident (Charles) who raised from his chair to ask a question, and was told to "Sit Down! Shut Up. I'm the BOSS!" Yet he claimed that LtCol VanDyke failed in her leadership. Hell no, she didn't. She put residents FIRST! To maintain military leadership and prevent the new AFRH Gulfport from becoming a haven for a few and nightmare for many without the presence of military in decision-making positions, we need your help to fight Mr. Cox and save our home. This is no way to treat a lady, no way to run a venerated institution of military heroes, no job for a civilian who just doesn't get it. Help us put the military back into the military retirement home. We deserve better!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Keelhaul the bastard! Just to start off on the right tack, I had to put my personal feelings toward the COO on the line, because I was a resident in the Armed Forces Retirement Home Gulfport from November 5, 2002 thru February 17, 2005. During that time the Home had gone from a utopia for most of us to a nondescript entity with no military tradition under the inept leadership of the COO personally appointed by Donald Rumsfeld, a civilian with no military experience named Timothy C. Cox, whose entire career dealt with Continued Care Retirement Homes in the civilian sector. I was one of about 545 former military retirees/veterans who were residents at the Gulfport, Mississippi beachfront facility. We had our own city within a city, with everything medical/dental/nutrition/recreation provided on-site for us. If we chose, we could stay within the compound (I never did like the word, 'campus') and never leave our property. We had our own two-lane bowling alley, museum, swimming pool, movie theatre, auditorium, recreation hall, library, computer room (recent addition due to my initial efforts), travel agent, chapel, Chaplain, Dining Area, 24-hour Coffee Room, and even a cabana and a Japanese garden! We had drivers and the opportunity to serve our little community and receive a stipend for our labor. I was the unpublished editor of the AFRH Gulfport official paper, trained by a former editor, (also a Parachute Rigger, coincidentally,) Marian Powers. We had a great first publication (with me as editor) going, but when 95% complete I was given an order to publish a badly-written 'poem' by one of the favored residents. I refused. I received an email from Mr. Cox to please reconsider my resignation but I refused to publish, and destroyed my three-month effort in one fell swoop. Since Mr. Cox dictated what I was to print, I wasn't about to be a lackey. My mama raised me better than that. That was the beginning of the end of my utopian existence...the COO's cost-cutting campaign permeated every aspect of our existence, which soon sickened even the most hardened combat veterans among us. Casualties were everywhere--in every department, confusion reigned, and the working atmosphere quickly changed from orderly to a hostile environment due to the COO's ax-wielding; Favorites were spared and promoted to secure positions; other dedicated, long-tenured employees were axed despite their job performance, like Chief Nurse Flor O'Blepias, whose 25-year career at the AFRH site meant nothing to the new Health Administrator. Let me tell you, the carnage was extensive and didn't even spare our Chaplain, Patrick Thompson, and even our Deputy Director, esteemed Air Force nurse, LtCol Wendy VanDyke. One of the worst parts was watching our Deputy Director agonize over what was happening to the AFRH. She was first and foremost a dedicated and competent military officer, with credentials which included serving on the staff of President William Jefferson Clinton for four years. She endured some of the worst torture ever inflicted upon a military member by this Chief Operating Officer and his willing crony, the Director---a Navy (MSC) Captain named Jerald A. Ulmer. It's my personal opinion, having served in the Navy for 20 years, that Captain Ulmer was the worst military officer I had ever encountered. He countermanded ever effort LtCol VanDyke made to improve the habitability and liveability for our residents. He did Cox's bidding without question; if Cox wanted to get rid of people, Ulmer got rid of them. He ridiculed and embarrassed and humiliated each one (and there were many)....including a revered staff physician, Dr. Clippinger. Without regard to the man's rights, he railroaded him out the gate, not allowing him to stop and clean out his desk, and instructed the gate guards to post his picture and not let him enter the compound ever again. We found more examples of Ulmer's thoughtless and ruthless actions when he got rid of the Chaplain, and finally, by his treatment of LtCol VanDyke. The details can be found online at the DOD IG reading room website (search for DOD IG COX and pick out H05L95546042 dated 26Sep05) in the investigation of the sacking of LtCol VanDyke by Mr. Cox and Captain Ulmer. As highly redacted as the 35-page document is, (think of what it covers up) it reveals a horrific callousness toward LtCol VanDyke that ignores her authority over the Health Administrator (he was the favored one) and her right to make a decision that countermanded his. She was set upon by both Mr. Brown (the newly hired health administrator Cox wanted as Director) and Captain Ulmer and charged with insubordination and subsequently placed on 'administrative leave.' (There is no such thing in the military)... When she disappeared from her office with no announcement, I wondered what happened to her. I went to her on-site home and learned that she had been placed on 'administrative leave' and was forbidden to interact with residents. She said she was protesting her treatment by filing an Article 138, Redress of wrong by a Commanding Officer, with the Navy JAG against Captain Ulmer. I went to Captain Ulmer and was told to butt out. I went instead to WLOX-TV and got a reporter, Marsha Hall, interested in the story. She came to the compound at my request and, although forbidden to enter the resident tower, conducted an interview at the flagpole. That ignited a flurry of protests, and over 200 complaints were received by Senator Trent Lott's Gulfport office. Still, LtCol VanDyke was not allowed to return. In fact, she was isolated (in total embarrassment, unable to say anything to the press, without due process) for a total of 60 days! She remained in her on-site home with her family during that entire time without contact with the people she loved and cared for: the staff, workers, and residents. She was slated to pick up the Directorship upon the retirement of Captain Ulmer...but he, and Cox, and Brown, had other ideas. H05L95546042 dated 26Sep05 was kept secret for six months. It was only when LtCol VanDyke received a letter from the Department of the Navy on 19 April 2006 that she learned that her article 138 had been disapproved and of the existence of the completed DOD IG investigation. Documentation exists that the position of Director was indeed a Naval Command--and the Command Insignia was authorized to wear on the Director's uniform--someone had decided to say it was not, denying LtCol VanDyke her military rights to due process.) So when someone said to me that it was never hidden, I challenge them to find a 'nonexistent' document. Here we go into many unanswered questions...who was behind the Chief Operating Officer? Hints in the document itself point to the culprit: the Secretary of Defense himself, Donald Rumsfeld. Other incriminating evidence includes a transcript of the off-camera interview WLOX reporter Marsha Hall conducted with Captain Jerald A. Ulmer. He indicated it was the Secretary of Defense who authorizaed LtCol VanDyke's reassignment. In the document, COO Timothy C. Cox stated to an investigator that he enjoyed a 'personal reporting status' to Donald Rumsfeld. If that doesn't indicate an ineffective chain of command, nothing does. In addition, the collusion between the PDUS (P&R) at the time, Charles Abell, and Mr. Cox, is also plainly indicated, as it was the PDUS who helped Cox in his quest to get rid of LtCol VanDyke, and also the one tasked by the DOD IG (first page memo was to the PDUS(P&R) to 'take appropriate action' against Mr. Cox. When I mailed the problem to Senator Boxer last year, she received an answer from Ms. Leslye Arsht, Abell's successor, who said she was 'satisfied wih the report.' I am not. Nothing was done. Nothing was heard. Nothing was printed...except underground. MORE to come....much more!