Saturday, February 7, 2009

The saga of the AFRH

With the revelation that Brent Warr's purchase of AFRH land is being looked at by Congressman Gene Taylor's office, and that the possibility exists that the AFRH COO sold it at a 'bargain basement' price to the Mayor in 2003 without a public listing for the property, a door opens for a probable Congressional Investigation into all of Cox's land deals as COO of AFRH. Indeed, the COO has expressed to a member of his former staff that Senator Lott 'can make me buy the property, but he can't make me keep it,' regarding the $6.2 million purchase of ten acres for the Home and the parcel sold to Warr. The management of two Homes--in D.C. and in Gulfport--was indeed posing difficulties for Mr. Cox. His selling of the properties (which were bought to augment the Home's facilities for it's residents and visitors) dealt a blow to the AFRH residents, depriving them of the augmentation and more seriously robbing the AFRH fund of the maximum amount of money gained had the sale been a public one. The value of the beachfront properties of almost 4 acres with two mansions on it--with littoral rights--was far and above the actual sale price ($1million). I just don't buy Warr's statement that he was just 'driving by and saw the FOR SALE sign,' because no one I know--including myself--ever saw it or even heard about it's being for sale. It was a secret deal. That Cox had a vested interest in getting rid of the entire AFRH Gulfport land, I believe that was his ultimate goal---especially after Hurricane Katrina. But that remains to be seen, as Cox is as secretive and devious as he is cunning and sly. When all is uncovered, however, I feel that there will be vindication for the way his poor version of 'leadership' will be viewed and recorded. I hope it will be from Federal Prison, since he will most likely end up in the same train wreck as Warr; neither of them were in the caboose or in passenger cars, they were the engineers. Jim Pankey, USN (Ret.)



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